Advanced Nitrox “Wreck” Dives in Brunei

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Advanced Nitrox “Wrecks” in Brunei

Cement Wreck

Cement Wreck Bow ©︎ 2019 Ram Yoro

Blue Water Wreck

Blue Water Wreck Fishing Net Winch ©️2019 Ram Yoro

American Wreck

American Wreck Bullets ©︎2019 Ram Yoro

Aussie Wreck (WWII Grave)

Aussie Wreck Cabin ©︎2019 Fan Zhang

Petani Mistral (Technical Wreck)

Petani Mistral (Technical) Wreck ©️2019 Fan Zhang

Divers’ Prerequisites : 

  1. > 15 years old
  2. Advanced Nitrox Diver Certified by IANTD or equivalent
  3. AOW & Nitrox Diver Certified by IANTD or equivalent may join but to stay within NDL 
  4. Check-Out Dive or Acclimation Dive may be required in prior going deeper.
  5. From One person, Maximum 6 person per Boat (Surcharge may be applied if only one diver joins.)

Advanced Nitrox “Wreck” Dives Price List

Advanced Nitrox “Tek Lite” Diver Course 

Candidate’ Prerequisites : 

  1. > 15 years old
  2. AOW & Nitrox Diver Certified by IANTD or equivalent
  3. More than 30 Logged Dives
  4. From One person, Maximum 4 person per Boat

Course Fee @ Person

  1. Minimum 4 days, one person is B$1070@pax.  from 2 persons B$963 @pax
  2. Nitrox EAN32 Twin fill is B$20 as an option
  3. Nitrox EAN32 Twin top-up is B$20 as an option
  4. Air Twin top-up is B$10  as an option
  5. Equipment rentals are excluded.
  6. Advanced Recreational Trimix course is available, with an addition of one day. (The cost is TBC dependent on trimix gas used)

Please contact Shin Sawaumi ( for more details.



ボルネオ島の出入り口、ブルネイにいます。世界最古の生態系を誇る熱帯雨林を背に、前に南シナ海が開けています。ここはアジア・モンゴロイド圏のほぼ中央に位置し、古くより四方との交易の要所の役割を果たしてきました。 そして多くの民族や文化の交わりが幾多の波乱の歴史を産み、今もその躍動は継続しています。 南方にはスンダ列島、そしてはるか東方には台湾や日本が臨まれます。 


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